Avoiding St. Louis Auto Collisions Caused by Animals in the Road


Sometimes car accidents are avoidable. Other times they are completely unavoidable.

Many of us have encountered some type of wildlife during our travels, and reacting to such situations can be extremely difficult because you neither want to injure the animal nor crash into another vehicle. Animals on the road pose a serious threat to drivers.

Auto Collisions with Wildlife

According to statistics, an auto collision with some kind of wildlife occurs every 39 minutes. In addition, 1 in 17 car accidents involves some kind of wildlife and 84 percent of all wildlife collisions occur when the weather is good. The average cost of repair of a collision between a deer and a car is about $2,800. Each year, 200 motorists are killed in wildlife crashes in the United States. Here are safety tips to help you in case you come across an animal while traveling:

Avoiding Animals on the Road

Be aware as soon as you see a yellow animal crossing sign. Such signs are placed at locations where animal activity is high. Most animals are active during the night, dawn, and dusk. According to available reports, deer are most frequently hit during dawn and dusk, while moose and bears are most frequently hit at night time. Animals such as antelopes, deer, and elk often move around in groups. If you see one of these animals, slow down because there may be more following. Often times, animals will move to the side of the road as they see a vehicle approaching, but sometimes they may suddenly leap in the front. Make sure you approach slowly and use your car’s horn.

Do Not Swerve!

If you spot smaller animals you should stop or slow down if only there are no other vehicles following you closely. Most importantly, do not try to swerve to avoid hitting the animal, because you may lose control and hit another car. Instead, release your foot from the brake before impact and maintain your lane.

These driving safety tips are provided by The Dwclawyers Law Firm, L.L.C.

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