How to Prevent a Car Accident Caused by an Improper U-Turn

When you make an improper U-turn, the chances that you will hit another vehicle and cause an accident are quite high.

A driver must be extremely careful while making a U-turn, even when it is legal to do so. Car accidents at intersections cause more deaths compared to other crash locations. The two most common types of situations that cause intersection car accidents are running a red light and making U-turns. Every driver should understand and follow the laws of the state when making a U-turn. The state of Missouri allows a U-turn at any intersection unless there is a "No U-turn Allowed" sign telling you to do otherwise.

Mistakes Made While Making a U-Turn

Make a U-turn only if the traffic light facing you is a solid green light or a green arrow allowing the U-turn. The biggest mistake that a driver may commit while making a U-turn is that they think they are at a considerable distance from the center and can make a safe U-turn while the light is still red. This is not just against the law, because you are still entering the intersection on a red light, but also a perfect recipe for an accident.

Safety Tips For Making a U-Turn

Here are some safety tips for making a legal U-turn.

  • Before you plan your U-turn, watch out for bicyclists and pedestrians. Even when you turn into the opposite direction, you should look out for pedestrians and others.
  • Before you begin your turn, look left and right. Do not begin the turn immediately after the light turns green. Wait for a few seconds to clear traffic coming from the other direction.
  • Keep the foot closer to the brake so that you can apply brakes immediately in case of an emergency.
  • Many accidents occur when the driver initiates a U-turn when the signal light has changed, and rather than completing the turn, they back up and hit another car. Rather than backing up, one should wait for the traffic to clear and then complete the turn.
  • Make a U-turn from the left side of the lane closest to the center line of the roadway.
  • Do not attempt a U-turn near a curve, crest of a hill, or any other place where you are not visible to other drivers.

St. Louis Car Accident Attorney

An improper U-turn can cause a serious car accident leading to injuries and substantial vehicle damage. The person responsible for making an illegal or improper U-turn may be held liable for any damages. To ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries and property damage, seek legal help from a Victorian auto accident lawyers. Call your local lawyer office for a free consultation.

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