Melbourne Chain Reaction Car Accidents

Although rare, a multi-car pileup, or chain reaction, car accident can cause life-threatening injuries and death.

The severity of a chain reaction car accident is determined by a number of variables including the speed of the vehicles, the number of cars involved, and the types of cars. The injuries sustained in these types of accidents are often numerous and severe in nature. If you have been the victim of such a senseless event, consult a Melbourne auto accident lawyer from The Melbourne Victoria Law Firm, L.L.C. We will be able to sort through the facts and help in deciding who is liable for compensating you for your injuries.

The Anatomy of a Chain Reaction Car Accident

A chain reaction car accident is usually started by just one car being struck by another vehicle. If the vehicle that is struck is riding too close behind the one in front, the force will cause a secondary accident. This chain reaction can continue, especially in dense traffic, and if the initial car was traveling at a high speed.

Another scenario occurs with a T-bone car accident, when a car strikes another on the door frame. This is almost always a high speed accident in an intersection. As a result, the car that was struck is often pushed into oncoming traffic, causing another chain of accidents as cars attempt to avoid crashing.

The Complexity of a Chain Reaction Car Accident

There are a number of variables that can occur with a chain reaction car accident that will directly affect the number and seriousness of the injuries. For example, if a commercial truck is involved, the risk of injury is increased. Plus, while one may be quick to blame the initial car for all of the subsequent crashes, how close together the other cars were traveling is also a consideration when assigning responsibility for the accident.

A police investigation is almost always conducted in order to help unravel the chain of events and determine which driver or drivers are responsible for which crashes. Once you hire a Melbourne car accident lawyer, they too will conduct their own investigation in order to determine who they should file the claim against on your behalf.

Injuries From Chain Reaction Car Accidents

As varied as the details of a chain reaction accident, the injuries sustained will be equally unique. Slow speed intersection accidents may cause mild injuries such as whiplash, while a high speed interstate pileup could result in traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, broken bones, and even death.

If you are being treated for an injury from a chain reaction car accident, bring the details of your accident to an experienced Melbourne car accident lawyer. Call The Melbourne Victoria Law Firm, L.L.C. at Your Local Lawyer. Bring us all of your medical records that pertain to the accident as well as any police reports. We will help you to determine where the fault lies and who you should be seeking compensation from.

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