Resolving all of the various issues that could have become obstacles in family law

Cathy and Andrew married in 1994. At the time Cathy was working full time as a Nurse at Mona Vale Hospital. She had an interest with her sister in a residential unit at Palm Beach. Andrew had trained as a Mechanical Engineer and worked in his family’s engineering business at Frenchs Forest. He held a 10% […]

Work injury compensation of $500,000 for construction labourer

On many occasions, injured workers do not believe that they have a right for compensation simply because they believe that their injury was caused doing what they consider as being normal. Of course, many of these workers do not have the knowledge of what is normal and what is safe and acceptable type of work. […]

Work related injuries and why it matters

Coming home from our jobs in one piece is something that most of us take for granted. For others, poor management, a lack of training and dodgy equipment are par for the course – meaning it’s only a matter of time before disaster strikes. According to the latest statistics, 71,000 injuries happen in Queensland annually, […]

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